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Peel & Stick Wallpaper Panels are easy to install and remove! Renter & DIY friendly. Removable and Washable.



DISCLAIMER: Works BEST on smooth surfaces. (Textured surfaces create bubbles.) Glossy, textured walls are NOT recommended and cannot be guaranteed to properly install/stick. Semi-Gloss, Satin, or Eggshell paint finish recommended.

If freshly painted/primed walls, allow at least 30 days for paint to set before installing wallpaper.

Patch any knicks/holes. Always clean/wipe down your desired surface and allow to fully dry before installing.


Wallpaper is installed vertically (up and down). So, measure height (tallest point to lowest point) of desired surface and entirety of width (side to side). Round up to the next inch of both measurements to have some wiggle room. You can always trim down.

Divide total width by 20.5 or 26, depending which works best for your space*. This will tell you how many panels you need (Round up to next whole panel size). You’ll know which length of panel to get depending on your height measurement.

If measuring for a slanted space, it is highly recommended to still get panels at the tallest height of slanted space, due to the possibility of misalignment of design caused by different print sizes.


Always clean/wipe down your desired surface and allow to dry before installing on your smooth surface. Patch any knicks/holes.

Find a friend to help, it’s way easier with two people.

Always start against an edge/corner (if applicable) to help with alignment.

Use a couple pieces of painters tape on one of the long edges to secure wallpaper temporarily to wall once it’s where you want. Peel a couple inches of backing off the top, fold it back. Secure exposed wallpaper to wall.

From here, peel backing off a few inches at a time starting where you left off, slowly peeling and pressing at the same time with a squeegee, forearm, or anything long, flat, with NO sharp edges (Sharp edges could scratch wallpaper).

Be sure to pull down gently while installing, ensuring not to stretch the material.

Wallpaper repeats from top, so always align tops of panels. Repeat, constantly double checking alignment.

When finished, push any remaining visible bubbles out through the edge and trim as needed.


The wallpaper can be wiped down with a slightly damp cloth. Use either water alone or, if needed, water & a mild soap solution, then dry with a cloth (lint free preferred).

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