MADDHOUSE festival work from Murals, to Websites, and Proposals

WAKAAN Music Festival Mural 2023

(Full gallery photos and artist statement are here TIGERS BREATH LOOKBOOK ) This was a ✨live✨ mural, so it was started & completed it over the festival weekend, Sept. 27-30th, 2023, while people watched, interacted, & listened to the live music. 

The ‘Tiger’s Breath’ mural turns repeating imagery through out MADDHOUSE work into a kaleidoscopic burst of colors & eyelashes. 

The furry creatures (up for personal interpretation, even though previous referred to as tigers) in the mural are mimicking the ‘Lion’s Breath’ face, evoking full self expression & breathing a psychedelic life force into existence around them. 

MADDHOUSE also organized a mural progression documentation project with the MADDHOUSE rubber duckies we gave away/traded. MADDHOUSE hand spray painted 125 pink, glittery, eyelashed, rubber duckies exclusively for WAKAAN fest! When people stopped by the mural to chat or take a picture, we gave them a rubber ducky and asked if they wanted to be a part of the photo project! (Full gallery photos and artist statement are here TIGERS BREATH LOOKBOOK )

FORMAT Music Festival Entry Gate Proposal 2023

MADDHOUSE design proposal for the Entry Gate of FORMAT Music Festival. This design was not selected/carried out into existence.

THING Music Festival Website 2022

MADDHOUSE had the opportunity rework the THING Music Festival website in 2022. MADDHOUSE brought an artistic touch to THING’s digital world by using bold colors, fonts, and imagery.

Festivals MADDHOUSE Style.