MADDHOUSE. THE SHOW. Fayetteville, AR 2020

MADDHOUSE THE SHOW was MADDHOUSE STYLE LLC's Owner's Undergraduate Senior Solo Art Show in 2020 focused around introspection and self expression. This show inspired a lifestyle of living MADDHOUSE Style and MADDHOUSE STYLE LLC was finalized the next year.

MADDHOUSE THE SHOW is an immersive interactive gallery that blurs the boundaries between the digital and physical world, reflecting the digital 'zoom school' environment it was created in (my 2021 final senior year/semester was nearly all online). Maddhouse is an introspective look into the 'maddhouse' of my mind that is a world of chaos, layers, color, pattern, and bold symbolic visuals. Within the maddness you'll find fun surprises, hidden messages, and deeper dives into who I am as a person and artist. Madhouse is a collage mural that consists of risographed wallpaper and large format hand drawn digital prints that have either been augmented, or altered (spray paint stenciled or interactive element installed) in some way. The wallpaper has been arranged to create the illusion of a room in a temple-esque space to make viewer's viewing experience feel more spiritual, intimate, and immersed within the work. The wallpaper, visuals, and augmentation combine to create a disorienting daydream that is demonstrative of living in my head during the pandemic quarantine and the inevitable introspection that came with it.


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